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Summer is over and the kids are back in school. While most people are looking forward to cooler temperatures and fall activities, as a Board of Education candidate I spend much of my time thinking about the November election. Those who have been following the campaigns probably already know about me, but here’s a brief resume for those who don’t. I was a career classroom teacher here in Carroll County. I taught English and was the reading specialist, first at North Carroll High School and then Westminster High School. I also co-advised the drama club at North Carroll. Even though I retired at the end of the 2020 school year, I remained very aware of the challenges our schools faced due to the pandemic.

My priorities for the Board of Education have not changed. First, we need to focus on our students and learning in the classroom. We hear the phrase “back to basics” and that is what I did for 33 years. It doesn’t get more basic than teaching phonics, sentence structure and grammar. In the academic English classes, our emphasis is on helping students become critical readers and skilled writers.

Secondly, we must attract and retain highly qualified educators through competitive salaries and a supportive work environment. Teachers want to teach, and they want to feel respected. I am committed to sitting down with teachers and building level administrators to listen to their concerns, to better understand what we can do as a board to support them.

Thirdly, each of our schools is a community. We can’t lose sight of the importance of neighbors coming together for the common good. That is how we grow our students into responsible citizens.

On a more personal note, I am not a politician. I don’t like public speaking, and I don’t believe in campaign promises that will be broken. On the first postcards I sent out, I made this statement: “I promise to put education before politics so we can emerge as a better school system.” For years, long before considering a run for the Board, I have maintained that the BOE is non-partisan for a reason, that there is no room for politics in our schools. I have not wavered from that belief, nor will I. Everyone wants to have a normal school year. Who better to get us there than the educators who know what normal is?

Tom Scanlan, Westminster

Scanlan is running for the Carroll County Board of Education

On Tuesday, Nov. 8, please consider joining me in voting for the “BMW” slate for the Board of Education – Tara Battaglia, Jim Miller, and Steve Whisler. While campaigning to represent Carroll as one of your delegates in District 5 over the last year, I have been telling folks that the most important local race this year in our county is the one for school board. As a proud product of Carroll County Public Schools, I know firsthand that we have the best school system in the state.

Why is Carroll County’s school system the best? Witness the last few years – while the rest of the Maryland was bowing to the teachers’ union and COVID-19 fear-mongering Democrats, Carroll County’s school board made sure that our students were the first to return to in-person learning, relaunched after school athletics programs and led the successful statewide fight to drop the mask mandate.

Carroll County has an amazing crop of common-sense conservatives serving now and they have focused like a laser beam on student performance while resisting pressure from the State Board of Education and the General Assembly to inject political indoctrination, like Critical Race Theory, into our classrooms. I know that once Battaglia, Miller and Whisler are elected, they will ensure that student achievement remains the number one priority and will stop those who want to use the classroom as a way to push their radical politics.

Carroll County is God-fearing and conservative and most of us want it to remain so. Unfortunately, there is a tiny but loud ultra-progressive brigade of woke warriors who hate that our county is an island of common sense in a sea of silliness and want us to morph into Baltimore, Montgomery, or Howard County. BMW’s opponents are backed by these groups and the far-left state and local teachers’ unions, and if they are elected, I fear the return of virtual non-learning and masks, resulting in diminishing student skills and test scores.

As your incoming state Delegate, I will fight for conservative values in Annapolis, but back on the home front, we need the BMW slate on the BOE to fight for our children. If you are concerned about the future of our County and our kids, cast your vote for Battaglia, Miller and Whisler for Board of Education.

Chris Tomlinson, Melrose

Tomlinson is one of three Republican candidates running for House of Delegates, District 5. There are no Democrats running in the race.

The President of the United States has made it clear that the oligarchical regime which has held political and economic power in the US for decades now is officially at war with the American people. The regime has made it clear that it will go to any lengths to secure its power over the Citizen. It has raided a journalist’s home(James O’Keefe), collaborated with monopolistic corporations (Twitter, Facebook, et al.) to censor the speech of political opposition, created political prisoners by denying the speedy trial to Jan. 6 protestors and rioters, incited and fomented political violence (BLM riots, Antifa, Kavanaugh assassin) and conducted police raids on political opposition (Roger Stone, Steve Bannon, Peter Navarro).

If any of this is new to you, then you are watching propaganda! At no point in American history has such blatant tyrannical behavior been displayed by an alleged “government of the people.”

MAGA is not just a sect of the Republican Party. MAGA is the American arm of the army of the awakened and it is growing fast. MAGA is a populous/nationalist movement to return the promise of America to the American people by disempowering the aristocratic class of government, corporations, and their propagandists in the “news” media. Its aim is to secure those basic rights as outlined in our Constitution and end the political and economic tyranny of the American citizen.

A single household income should be enough to raise a family on like it once was. A life’s work should result in a secure retirement like it once was. Education and a home should be affordable; like it once was. Endless inflationary monetary policy must end and its source, the Federal Reserve System, must also end. Taxes on the middle class must be significantly reduced. Monopolistic corporations must be broken-up and no more tax breaks for the ultra-rich. Jobs must be brought back to America from China. Everyone from the Farmer, the tradesman, the office worker, to the engineer is MAGA.

Your freedom is literally on the ballot this November!

Joseph Cesca, Westminster

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