The #Disturbing #Videos That Are #Tricking #Children: #Pedophile #YouTube With Over 12 Billion #Views

The internet is here and it’s never going to go away. We all have access to it, and that includes children and pedophiles – not a good connection to have. In fact, Worldwide comedian Daniel Tosh just exposed a major pedophilic YouTube channel!

You’d think by now we would have internet security close to being mastered, but were actually far from it. Children are on the internet more than ever, and unfortunately, so are pedophiles. The internet serves as a buffet for disgusting individuals intrigued by child pornography, and with billions among billions of websites, it can be a little hard to get control of. As the comedian points out, a new trend has caused the creation of several different websites used for nothing but child pornography. The sites appeal to children, but when investigating you’ll see they are nothing appropriate for children.

Maryland parents Mike and Heather Martin actually just had two of their children taken away from them by child protective services because of a video they made that depicts their children crying as a result from sick stunts and pranks. According to many reports, this couple abuses their children in many ways, but it’s all a surprise to them. The youtube channel; ran by the Martins is called DaddyOFive, and the children were depicted as unwilling participants in a seriously controversial video – that people claim might’ve been made purely for pedophiles.

It was all first brought to light when Vigilant Citizen made a groundbreaking discovery about online videos published to public sites like Facebook and Youtube that are designed purely for pedophilic fetishes. You might not pick up at first, and a kid certainly wouldn’t, but you can clearly see that they are bizarrely inappropriate situations for kids to be in and they actually serve as eye candy for child predators. You can see graphic material such as Elsa, a childhood Disney character from Frozen, having sex with Spiderman in different videos. Other videos show Minnie Mouse cutting Mickey Mouse’s ear off…

Daniel Tosh said that the children who star in the youtube channel called Seven Super girls may be unaware of how they’re being marketed. The kids might think they’re performing amusing and odd family videos, but in all reality, they serve as a tool for the world pedophile population. The channel has over 3,000 different videos posted and arguably looks like a porn site from the very get-go. Well, it might look like normal little girl things, they are specifically designed to appeal to pedophilic behaviors and fantasies of the darker side of mankind. Each girl is under eighteen and has their own subchannel to follow.

The first video has over 138 million views, and it took people this long to question it. The first video is titled “Lucy’s Morning Routine”, showing the child licking a pile of whipped cream off of a pop-tart… The second video was labeled as ‘Escaping From Your bed In The Morning’, showing a young girl duct taped to her bed… Clearly pedophilic fantasies and child bondage.

The girls portrayed in the disgusting internet smorgasbord for freako’s were selected after submitting a video to a channel named SAKS, possibly designed to sound like SEX some hypothesize. By clicking on the link in the video you can see the official SAKS channel, we’ll let you do your own observations… Do you think these are innocent videos made by knowing parents? Certainly, the dangerous world of child pornography and sex trafficking on the internet should be a concern for any parent before uploading viral videos of young girls. We can all agree on one thing, and that’s that this is no act of good parenting.

YouTube is filled with channels just like these, and it doesn’t look like they have any plans of taking the channels down. It is important to note that no matter what kind of child locks you have on your child’s computer, these videos will still come through. They are marketed towards children with clever names, and photos. I highly suggest you keep an eye on what you child is watching when they are scrolling through YouTube.