Dixon High School students rally after fellow student is beaten up | #students | #parents

DIXON (WREX) — Dixon High School students respond Friday night after a friend and fellow student is beaten up. He says the reason is because he told his classmates he is gay.

About two dozen students held posters saying, “stop the hate,” and rainbow flags in support of Kayden Carter during a protest outside of the school. The protest included both current and former students.

“My initial reaction was disgust that something could happen like that at a public school,” said Whitney Williamson, who graduated from Dixon High School in 2018. “Especially something right next to the office.”

Carter was beaten up at school earlier in the week. He says he was attacked form behind, his head slammed into a locker, and was punched in the head several times. Now Carter says he wants to use this attack to show people that this violence is not acceptable.

“We want our voices to be heard in that gay people, any people, do not deserve to be bullied,” said Carter.

With the students was Stephanie White, an attorney at Sandman, Levy and Petrich, LLC. While she says she does not represent Carter in any litigation, she does represent families in other bullying incidents at Dixon High School.

“We want the school to take action and we want change and we want our children protected,” said White.

13 News reached out to Dixon High School for a comment and to ask whether the student accused of beating Carter faced any repercussions. The school referred us to a statement released by Dixon Public Schools #170 on its Facebook page. It says –

“DPS #170 is deeply disturbed and saddened by the incident that occurred on school property yesterday. School and District administration along with law enforcement, upon becoming aware of the incident, took appropriate steps to initiate an active investigation of the incident as expressly provided by Board Policy. We value deeply the safety, security, and equity of all of our students. DPS #170 has policies and procedures in place to address the investigation of such incidents and bullying and violence will not be tolerated. Due to the confidentiality requirements of Federal and State law, the District is unable to offer further details at this time.”

Dixon Public Schools #170

13 News also reached out to the Dixon Police Department to ask if police are investigating this incident. We also asked if it is being investigated as a hate crime. We have not heard back.

13 News will provide any updates to this story once they become available.

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