DJ Zinhle claps back at parenting troll: “Have your own child!” | #parenting

Not for the first time, DJ Zinhle has clapped back at parenting trolls who’ve told her how to raise her five-year-old daughter Kairo, whom she shares with rapper AKA

Kairo – who has her own Instagram page boasting 1 million followers, which is managed by AKA’s mom Lynn Forbes – recently became the topic of Twitter trends when she showed off a picture of herself in traditional wear in light of Heritage month.

Dressed in an outfit synonymous with the Xhosa culture, whilst showing off some serious isiZulu dance moves, the post – shared on her own and mom Zinhle’s IG page – quickly attracted likes from fans who praised the young star in the making.

But not everyone was happy and one particular troll took to criticising Zinhle for seemingly overlooking Kairo’s dad’s ancestry, which the tweep claimed was that of the Khoi people of South Africa.


“Kairo looked Kaise Isa or absolutely adorable in her traditional gear but as a child who also carries KHOIKHOI ancestry on her father’s side, it would be great to see her in KHOIKHOI attire next year. B.T.W did you know her name Kairo is from the KHOIKHOI language” tweeted the follower.

But Zinhle had a classy clapback in store for the tweep

“Did you know you could have your own child & dress them however you want,” the mother of one responded.

She continued, in a rather sarcastic tone: “Gabriel, you have gone too far. Animeni ngokuzositshela ukuthi senzeni ngabantwana bethu (Please stop telling us what to do with our children). Ay man, too far!”

Zinhle previously spoke to All4Women about her daughter’s fame and social media success, stating that it was setting the foundation to establish work ethics from a young age.

“Kairo is a child and people love kids and I attribute the success to this and her grandmother that’d work. I think it’s great, she is learning about work from a young age and I believe she’ll be a very successful business woman one day,” she said.

Posted: Sep 30, 2020

DJ Zinhle had a classy clapback in store for this parenting troll…
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