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Don’t Buy A Kid – End Child Sex Trade. Every $10 to 100$ spent on buying human slaves from ISIS swells the ranks of the captured/enslaved by 25 kids or more.

You flashed money all over the world and openly pay sex-traders for children/women you want to buy selectively.

RINJ Foundation Members have talked to “brokers” (glorified pimps) who are bartering for kids that they say they will buy with ‘your’ money. You are an enthusiastic tourist to this regime but you are an incompetent within it and there is no lack of ignorant people in the West whom you can sway to join you. Fools rush in and have a moment of fame and kill thousands they don’t see or want to see.

Many girls say that their friends were killed because they would not agree to “clean-up” and leave the camp when the buyers’ rep came (mostly because when they are ‘sold’ they don’t know anything, just that they need to “pretty-up”, and usually are sold into other parts of the human slavery world and they expect and fear the worst).

When girls refuse to cooperate ISIS drags out a large group & murders them with automatic weapons in front of everyone. The injured are left writhing in agony for a while for effect, then shot in the head. The onlookers are hysterical and terrified in silent agony.

Those that chose death over cooperation are not picked for death. The death of their peers is then on them. The psychological impact is to soften up the rest for the moment. This has been going on since 2011. The cycle then repeats itself the next time a fighter wants his stable of slaves groomed and prepped for delivery.

The RINJ Foundation​ has branded “Don’t Buy A Kid – End Child Sex Trade” and spends $10,000.00 a month promoting that important message not because the foundation wanted to get into a fight with well-meaning fools who throw their money at problems instead of street-level hard work, but because we know what we are doing and we are getting it done. The best way to end child sex trade is to dry the money out of the market, prevent kidnappings & prosecute the perpetrators of the crime.


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