Driver Fined $640

The driver in a video depicting a donut and burnout on Coastal Highway that went viral and became symbolic of some of the complaints associated with the spring Cruisin’ event pleaded guilty last week to negligent driving and a handful of other violations and was fined a total of $640.

Last May 16, a blue Chevrolet Corvette was caught on video pulling out onto Coastal Highway and doing a donut in the middle of the street before screeching down Coastal Highway at a high rate of speed with a plume of white smoke trailing behind in the midst of heavy traffic and numerous pedestrians and spectators lining the roadway. The incident was captured on video and was quickly distributed on social media as an example of the ill behavior demonstrated by many of those indirectly associated with the annual event throughout the weekend.

Ocean City Police initiated an investigation after the video surfaced online and quickly went viral. With the assistance of numerous tips from citizens regarding the incident, OCPD officers were able to identify the driver as Harry M. Huntsman, 25, of Millersville, Md. Huntsman was subsequently stopped in Ocean City on Sunday, May 30, or two weeks after the Crusin’ incident, for an additional traffic violation and was issued citations for the May 16 incident at that time.

Last Friday, Huntsman pleaded guilty to negligent driving in a careless and imprudent manner endangering property, life and person and was fined $500. He also pleaded guilty to spinning wheels and driving an unsafe vehicle with no hood and was fined $70 for each of those infractions, bringing his total fine to $640.