Dubai intervenes in 63 child abuse cases

Dubai’sPOLICE and other departments handled 63 child abuse cases this year but the number could be higher as many cases were not reported, according to the emirate’s general department of human rights (GDHR).

Police handled 37 such cases while 26 child abuse reports were received by the child and woman protection department.

The figures were released by GDHR after the launching of a campaign to protect children against physical and psychological abuse in the emirate with the aim of creating awareness of the seriousness of the problem at schools.

“We call on families to distinguish between acceptable punishment which will not harm the child bodily or psychologically and hurting them,” GDHR director Brigadier Mohammed Al Murr said, quoted by ‘Emarat Al Youm’ daily.

He said GDHR has received 37 child abuse cases this year compared with 54 in 2014. The child and woman protection department also handled 26 cases this year.

“These figures do not reflect the real situation and police cannot have accurate figures because many cases are not reported,” Murr said.

He said the four-month campaign in coordination with other competent parties aims to identify reasons for child abuse and find solutions.