DUDE DAD Taylor Calmus Shares The Parenting Lessons He Learned After His Son Learned to Walk | #parenting

Published: November 23, 2022

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DUDE DAD Taylor Calmus Shares The Parenting Lessons He Learned After His Son Learned to Walk

By Movieguide® Contributor

SUPER DAD TV star Taylor Calmus recently shared some words of encouragement to fellow parents on his vlog DUDE DAD about his youngest Otto’s first steps.

“He’s the chillest kid we’ve ever met. He’s super attentive. He’s incredibly interactive,” Calmus shared about Otto. “But Heidi and I began to become concerned, because at nine months he still wasn’t crawling. In comparison, our daughter Juno was walking in nine months, so we were confused because he wasn’t even crawling.”


“He seemed to be content just sitting wherever we put him down, or having his brother and sister drag him around the house,” he goes onto say.

His son’s movement began to improve after surgery for inguinal hernia and starting occupational therapy.

“It turns out that Otto is extremely flexible, which means that his muscles have to work that much harder to do the same things,” Calmus said.

It wouldn’t be until well past his son’s first birthday that he would start crawling, and eventually would be able to stand up and it wasn’t just his father who was excited for the milestone.

“[H]is big brother [Theo] was so excited that he ran outside and brought all his friends in to show off what his little brother could do,” the father-of-three recalled.

Then after getting ankle braces to help “his brain process how to use his legs” at 17 months he took his first steps.

“[B]ecause I know his long road to this, it was one of the coolest moments of my life,” Calmus said.

Calmus shared the two lessons that he has learned through his son’s journey.

“Number one, we need to allow our kids to develop on their own timeline while at the same time giving them the tools they need to succeed,”Calmus said. “And number two, we have to be present with them wherever they are.”

He admits that with all the focus on getting his son Otto to walk that he hadn’t realize how much time had already gone by as he is now a toddler.

He goes on to say,“So however old your kids are try to relish in those moments right now and where they’re at and whatever you do don’t blink.”

The Calmus Family will soon have more milestones to celebrate as they recently announced they are expecting their fourth child in a humorous video announcement as reported by Movieguide®:

Despite the hardships of parenting three little ones, Taylor said that it is all worth it.

“But here’s my takeaway. Having three kids is chaos, but chaos doesn’t necessarily have to be a bad thing,” he said. “Chaos is our older son trying to teach his little brother how to walk. Chaos is my daughter reading the baby a book even though she doesn’t know how to read. It is a fridge full of sloppy finger paintings and a pile of tiny shoes by the door that are remnants of an adventure had. Chaos is chasing them around the house, getting them to scream at the top of their lungs, just so that they’ll fall asleep. Only to then the next day wake up with them all in your bed because they just want to be close to you.”

“These next few years are going to be hard, but they’re also going to be worth it. As parents, we’re going to guide our kids through life. But as siblings, our kids will get to experience life together. Even after Heidi and I are long gone, our kids will always have each other, and that is why I think three kids is the perfect amount of kids.” That is until Heidi poked her head in and announced her pregnancy with their fourth child.

“Copy that! That is why I think that having four kids is the perfect amount of kids,” Taylor said.

The Dude Dad posted a video of an equally funny and unique gender reveal with two wrestlers fighting, one in blue and one in pink, with the wrestler in blue winning the match— making this their third boy.

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