Duke student had ‘bruises and scratches’ day after reported rape


A Duke University student who says she was raped at an off-campus fraternity house had bruises and scratches all over her body, according to a hospital official who called 911.

According to a search warrant, a woman said she attended a party the evening of Jan. 8 at an off-campus house being rented to members of the Alpha Delta Phi fraternity in Durham’s Lakewood neighborhood.

The warrant said the woman was asked to come upstairs into a bedroom with another man at the party, but she refused. Later, she was served what she described was “hot chocolate.”

The woman told police the drink did not taste like it had alcohol in it, but at some point she lost consciousness and woke up the next day wearing a T-shirt she did not recognize.

She said she was also not wearing a bra or underwear, and her leggings were torn and on the floor next to her.

The student went to the hospital where a medical professional called 911 to report the possible rape to Durham police.

“She woke up around noon today,” the caller said. “We don’t know when the assault happened because … there were presumably drugs — date rape drugs, or whatever you call it — involved. She has no idea.”

When asked if the victim had any injuries, the caller said she had “bruises and scratches on her legs, arms and back, and a bruise on her forehead.”

In serving a search warrant at the home, members of the Durham Police Department’s Special Victims Unit swabbed the house and searched for clues, taking a mattress, comforter, liquid samples, cups, a condom, video and pictures from the home.

No charges have been filed, and the Durham Police Department is asking anyone who may have been at the party to come forward.

Bill Bronson, a spokesman for the fraternity’s national office in Morton Grove, Ill., said, the fraternity “is cooperating fully in the police and school investigation.” Bronson said the fraternity has its own judicial process and if a local chapter is found in violation of school rules, the fraternity has an internal investigation.

source: http://www.wncn.com/story/27979485/duke-student-had-bruises-and-scratches-day-after-reported-rape