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Recordings of Isle of Wight children

Isle of Wight children have been involved in the creation of an emotional environmental song released today (Thursday) – as a part of a musical plea to save the planet.

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During the pandemic, children from the Priory School, Whippingham gave up their free time to contribute their voices to ‘Song of the Earth’.

The song has been composed by music educationalist and founder of global children’s music teaching method Stave House – a music program learnt by some children on the Island.

Ruth Travers composed Song of the Earth to empower children from across the UK and to give them a voice on the future of their planet.  Through poignant lyrics and a beautiful melody, the song allows the children to use the arts to spread their message.

By recording and producing the video, Ruth also wanted to draw children’s attention to the natural spaces around them and how important they have been to everyone over the past year.

Isle of Wight Stave House teacher Jo Willey involved her students from Priory School who filmed themselves performing during the lockdown. 

She taught the children the song remotely, involved them in the message and encouraged them to get out into nature to record their contribution. 

Ruth told Isle of Wight Radio:

“I thought a song about climate change would be lovely and I was just going to write it and send it out to schools that wanted to do it, as it happened the outdoors became more important as COVID cracked on – and we thought it would be lovely if they could do something together across the airwaves.”

Asked how the Island children were, Ruth said:

“They were fantastic, dedicated, lots of them gave up their break times to record themselves, they took some lovely pictures of themselves on the rocks on the beaches and in their gardens – which will feature in the film, they were absolutely superb really helpful and enthusiastic.”

Ruth concluded:

“It was a beautiful collaboration….I assure you we will be working with the priory and Fusion Academy in future and I look forward to hearing a lot of singing coming from the Isle of Wight.”

“Thank you to the parents and children who put a huge effort in – at a time when they could have said I don’t feel like it. A huge thank you to all the parents, teachers and children involved!”

The link to the video will come out on the Stave House Facebook Page

We are being urged to share the link to spread the word!

LISTEN to the full interview with Ruth and Isle of Wight Radio’s Iona here

WATCH the video below


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