East Brunswick Elections: Ashish Verma for the Board of Education | #Education

EST BRUNSWICK, NJ – Ashish Verma is a candidate for the East Brunswick Board of Education.  BOE candidates are not linked to any particular political party.

1) Some personal background of the candidate, including relationship to the East Brunswick Public Schools,  knowledge of education processes, etc.

About myself:

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I am a longtime resident of the Apple Ridge community in East Brunswick, moving here in 2001. I am proud to be part of the Township of East Brunswick, with its rich and diverse culture, blue ribbon school district, quality housing, cultural advancement and a mindset for growth and business prosperity.            

I am a marathon and ultra-marathon runner and very passionate about instrumental and vocal music. Along with my wife, Ruchi, we are proud parents of our beautiful daughter, Mahi, a 7th grader in the East Brunswick Public School system.

I am an information technology professional for over 20 years in the financial and healthcare industries, currently working as Senior Manager, Database Engineering & Operations for a global financial firm.

My family roots fuel my passion for community service as well as for building an enduring and high quality education system. I come from a family of educators. Both my parents dedicated their lives to education as school teachers, retiring as school principals. My sibling is a college professor. I have deep appreciation for the love, dedication and hard work on the part of teachers, the constraints they face in doing their jobs, and how they navigate the daily challenges to provide quality education.

I believe that education is the thread that has and will always string together everybody in this mankind. It is above the worldly context of money and recognition. Teachers and students deserve the best environment of care and support possible. I will strive hard to do that.

Community Involvement:

Community service means a lot to me, and I have been involved in various East Brunswick community efforts for several years. I serve as a member of the East Brunswick Township Traffic Advisory Board. I have served as the President of the Indian Cultural Society of East Brunswick, and now serve as the Treasurer and Technology Head.

I am the founding member and Treasurer of the East Brunswick Lions Club. I am also the Treasurer and Board member of the Apple Ridge Homeowner’s Association. With my professional experience and organization skills, I have been able to streamline expenses and contain costs. I am the right candidate to expand into serving on the Board of Education in East Brunswick.

Reason for I am Running for the Board

I am very grateful for the opportunities and growth I have received in this country and in this Township. I consider it an honor to be able to contribute and give back to our community as a member of the Board of Education.

With the increased level of technology use in education, I believe that the East Brunswick Board of Education will benefit by getting somebody on the Board with formal technology training and industry experience. While there are good members in the board currently, I believe there is nobody with a formal background in technology. I can help fill that gap.

The Board of Education election is non-political. The core values of education go far beyond the personal political preferences of its members. The Board of Education is the perfect place for me to help at the grassroots level in the East Brunswick community in the field of education, thereby strengthening the foundation for our future community and the nation.

I strongly urge the East Brunswick residents to vote for Line 3 for Ashish Verma.

2) Candidate’s priorities as the district moves forward, especially with regard to the increased implementation of technology for learning

Agenda 1: Health & Physical Safety of students, parents, teachers & staff

The Coronavirus pandemic is unprecedented. It has affected every system, including education. We are learning as information becomes available and have to remain flexible keeping in mind the evolving guidance. The biggest concern currently on everybody’s mind is how to keep the children, parents, teachers and administration staff safe while continuing forward with education in schools, given the challenges with the Coronavirus. Not only is there a need to continuously re-calibrate the school plans based on the dynamically changing Coronavirus situation, but also to focus on ways to improve the remote/hybrid education styles and technology plans that work better for the students and teachers of East Brunswick.

Physical safety is also very important in the school environment. That has to be kept in mind continuously while developing educational programs, especially in the backdrop of several incidents of violence that have been reported around the country.

Agenda 2: Focus on Financial Responsibility & Technology Oversight

The largest portion of our property taxes, about 62.5%, paid by everybody in the town, goes to the Board of Education. This is regardless of the fact whether children in any particular family go to the East Brunswick Public schools. The needs of the school system are immense, but everybody benefits when tax dollars are wisely invested. In today’s context, leveraging technology wisely is another expression of fiscal responsibility, allowing the Board of Education to spend its resources wisely. Spending correctly for the technology needs of the school system is more important than ever before with remote education and use of technology in general on the rise.

I have the background in the financial as well as Information Technology industries. I have also served as Treasurer in various organizations. Combining that experience with my genuine care for the betterment of the community places me in an advantageous position to provide appropriate oversight over the financial expenditure of the Board of Education aligned with its goals, with special focus and oversight of the technology decisions.

Agenda 3: Acknowledgement of Systemic Racism and Addressing it

Black Lives Matter. Jewish Lives Matter. Indian Lives Matter. Muslim, Chinese, Korean… Lives Matter. You get my point. The rich diversity of culture in East Brunswick from all over the world… matters, very specially when talking about the education system in our schools.

We need to acknowledge it, and address it.

I respectfully ask for your vote on Line 3 for Ashish Verma for Board of Education.

3) Candidate’s observations about the hybrid learning plan currently in place during the COVID-19 pandemic

I can imagine the amount of pressure and concern on the EB School Administration and the EB Board of Education trying to walk the fine line of protecting the health and safety of students and teachers, while also ensuring the continuation of the education agenda for the district. Residents in the town have the right to make  key decisions about themselves and their children when it comes to the learning plan that suits their specific situation. These scenarios have never been faced before. The School Board and School Administration are keeping close contact with state administration as well as local township administration to monitor the data closely and make quick decisions as needed.

4) Candidate’s views about non-curricular programs and activities and their role in student learning

Students in East Brunswick require an overall growth plan. This means that not only subjects like Math and Science make up a student’s foundation, but Art and Music as well as other extra curricular programs also play a significant role in shaping the future of all-rounded citizens of the country. I believe in “Sound Body, Sound Mind”.

Physical education and sports ensure fitness levels of students so that they can go a long way in life in their educational and professional pursuits. Art and Music provide the right balance for brain development. The education system should strive to maintain a healthy balance between curricular and extra curricular activities.

Education is not just about excelling in books. It is also about imparting practical knowledge to students. That knowledge can possibly lead to their profession in the future. Not every kid is good at Science, Math or English. But they can gain mastery in other areas to build their future too.

I respectfully ask for your vote on Line 3 for Ashish Verma for Board of Education.


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