EastCoastBob JJ chokes on Live TV..MSNBC MisterClip

http://www.twitter.com/eastcoastbob1 http://www.eastcoastbob.com Anchor Choking on Live TV..MSNBC JJ Ramberg is the anchors name page hopkins fox news choked…

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25 thoughts on “EastCoastBob JJ chokes on Live TV..MSNBC MisterClip

  1. chicstar01

    who watches msnbc anyways, lady heres your 15 minutes of fame!!! and to all
    you people who want to watch the real footage.. you’re all SICK!!

  2. Viral Drone

    lol at video, lol at the ignorance of the person beforeme. No news channel
    crew is perfect. I’ve seen worst ones from other countries.

  3. Jesse Meurin

    The cherry on the lol sundae is the sudden Walgreens advertisement they put
    up to try and play off the fact that one of their anchors is fucking dying.

  4. Jonathan Wier

    I feel really sorry for her… How humiliating it must be to be an anchor
    on MSNBC…yeesh! (On the bright side only 12 people saw this live).