Education in Danger Monthly News Brief, August 2020 – World | #teacher | #children | #kids


Burkina Faso

08 August 2020: Between Ouagarou and Matiacoali, Matiacoali
department, Gourma province, five people, including an NGO worker, a
school director, a mason, a martial arts practitioner, and a driver were
abducted by suspected JNIM militants. All were released the following day.
Sources: ACLED1 and Burkina24


13 August 2020 (DoA): In Yaounde, four teachers were arrested after
going on hunger strike at the Ministry of Basic Education following failed
attempts to bargain with authorities. They were later released.* Source:
Mimi Mefo Info

Democratic Republic of the Congo

27 August 2020: In Katanga village, Masisi territory, North Kivu province,
two teachers were kidnapped and at least two students were killed in an
attack by militiamen on Ngoyi Primary School – a national primary school
leaving test cente (TENAFEP) as the students were preparing to take their
test. Security forces repsonded and violent clashes followed.* Sources:
Actualite, Al Jazeera, Christian Today, Reuters and UNICEF

30 August 2020: In Isiro town, Rungu territory, Haut-Uele province, a
building where 30 students were taking their final primary school tests was
broken into by a group of unidentified armed men who raped either one or
multiple girls, as well as stealing phones and other goods from students.*
Sources: Actualite, Le Figaro and The Defense Post


01 August 2020: In Boke, West Hararghe zone, Oromia region, a teacher
accused of organizing demonstrations in the area was shot and killed by
federal forces. Source: ACLED1


02 August 2020: At Alwalidji village, Dire town, Tombouctou region, a
teacher was shot and wounded by unidentified gunmen.* Source:


09 August 2020: Between Danacha and Sabongida villages, Gassol LGA
area, Taraba state, the proprietor of Winner Comprehensive High School
was killed by gunmen when he was returning from Abuja. Sources:
Emergency Digest and The Guardian Nigeria

24 August 2020: In Danba-Kasaya village, Chikun LGA, Kaduna state,
armed men invaded the Prince Academy, killing a man whose house was
close to the school and abducting a female teacher and seven students during a wider assault on the village. Material damage was reported. The perpetrators demanded a
collective ransom to release victims.* Sources: ACLED1
, Nigeria Security Tracker and Premium Times


18 August 2020: Near Koranorya neighbourhood, Mbarara district, a young lecturer running for a
parliamentary seat was shot and wounded by the Uganda National Roads authority as the truck he was
riding in had driven past an unclearly marked checkpoint. One of the drivers was killed. The police were
dispatched to arrest the officer. Source: ACLED1

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