Education Ministry Opens Protection Center after Sexual Assaults by Teachers | #teacher | #children | #kids

Thailand’s Ministry of Education has launched a center for sexual assault victims protection to proactively suppress sexual assaults in schools and campuses. The centers launch comes after news of sexual assaults by teachers becoming more common.

The center will serve as the Ministry of Education’s central agency to tackle issues of sexual assaults. Promoting immunity and safety among students as a preventative measure. Suppressing and solving existing issues while stopping newer ones. Furthermore providing protection and compensation to victims of sexual assaults by teachers.

The center has so far received 16 cases, which have led to the revocation of teaching credentials, or suspension.

The Minister of Education Nataphol Teepsuwan has stressed the center’s objective is to stop cases of sexual assault by teachers. Above all as schools are regarded as a second home for students.

School Janitor Sacked for Exposing Sexual Predator Teacher

Acknowledging the existence of this issue, the Ministry of Education has laid out measures to prevent and fight against sexual assaults by teachers. Any witness of such assaults can report to the center’s 02-007-000 number.


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