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A new virtual Parenting Course offered by Chinuch Through Connection’s Rabbi Yaakov Chaiton empowers parents to create a calm and emotionally healthy environment, establish routines and get through conflicts effectively. Full Story

When it comes to raising our children we want what is best for them in the day-to-day moments as well as acquiring life skills they can depend on as they mature and become independent.

Do you feel equipped to teach them the skills they need to go through life and handle the regular and challenging moments on their own?

Do you want to feel empowered to create a calm and emotionally healthy environment, establish routines and get through conflicts effectively and positively?

Then this life-changing course is for you!

Rabbi Yaakov Chaiton, founder of Chinuch Through Connection and certified CBT practitioner, has put these ideas into practice and shared them, through his courses, with hundreds of parents and schools across the world for all ages, from nursery through high school and Mesivta.

The Course is based on the teachings of Chassidus and the practical elements of Conscious Discipline and Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT).

Using the teachings of Chassidus, Conscious Discipline and CBT, you will learn:
How to efficiently create a sustainable plan that works for your family.
How to achieve your goals as a parent.
The skills of self-regulation and clarity.
The tools and skills and effectively model them for your kids.
How to provide children with the tools they need to properly interact with their peers.
Setting up yourself and family for success.
How to avoid conflict and keep connected through every interaction.

The virtual course is designed for couples to learn, discuss and grow together so the impact at home will be across the board.

4 Sunday evening on Zoom, beginning Iyar 6 – April 18th, from 8:00-9:30pm (EDT). Price per couple: $250. Includes a private 45 minute follow up session.

Space is limited!

Sign up at:

Rabbi Chaiton also does camp staff training, mentoring and school wide courses.

Dr. Madeline Nassida, clinical psychologist Yeshiva Schools Pittsburgh:
As a licensed psychologist, I really appreciated Rabbi Chaiton’s advanced understanding of Conscious Discipline and Cognitive Behavior Therapy (CBT) tools. In providing education on these skills, Rabbi Chaiton masterfully modeled his own use of these skills in order to create a non-judgmental learning environment. Through thoughtful discussions and anecdotes, Rabbi Chaiton empowered our administrators to use skills to engage with students in ways to encourage appropriate expression of emotions as well as independent problem-solving skills.

Menachem Klein, parent:
“I think your honesty and beautiful way of blending Chassidus and psychology is brilliant. I am sure that anyone who watched, including myself, really gained a lot of insight.”

Mr. Duncan Kendall
Principal/CEO of Yeshiva College, Bondi:
“Thank you all so much, especially Rabbi Chaiton as you have made such a profound and positive impact.
Even helped me as a father at home.”

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