Eight Siblings Who Survived Notorious Child Abuse Case Describe The Hell They Endured For Decades

It’s called one of the most notorious child abuse cases in California history. Mansa Musa Muhummed is serving seven consecutive life sentences after beating, torturing and starving his 13 children and three “wives” for decades. Now, all of the children are grown, and eight of them come together for the first time to share their history of unimaginable horror at the hands of their polygamist father who lived with three “wives.”

In the video above, they recall living in the hell they endured for decades.

“Our living conditions were like a concentration camp. We were on complete lockdown. The doors were locked, the windows were locked. I wasn’t even allowed to go to school.” – Michael

“He would lock us in the basement for days at a time. He would beat us.” – Delmarcus

“I remember a time my dad took a boat paddle and just cracked me straight across the head. Blood was everywhere. He got a needle and thread and stitched my head back up.” – Crystal

“I was raped by my father on a daily basis for 12 years.” – Likesha

They also recall being forced to eat their own feces and vomit.

Watch Tuesday’s episode of Dr. Phil, as eight siblings tell their story for the first time in an exclusive interview. But why do they say they partly blame one of Muhummed’s “spiritual wives,” who is now a domestic violence advocate, for being partly responsible for their abuse? Watch what happens when they come face to face for the first time since they were rescued.