Eileen Briamonte for Holmdel Board of Education | #Education

Dear Holmdel Community,

I am writing this letter to endorse Eileen Briamonte for Holmdel Board of Education.

When I joined the Board in January, this year, I joined a board committed to make the necessary changes to our schools for the betterment of all children and members of our community. Many decisive actions have been taken over the past year, and Eileen Briamonte has been an essential part of making this happen. Our most important task in the next year is the appointment of a new permanent Superintendent of Schools to build upon the work currently being done by the interim superintendent, Dr. Seitz. I have no doubt that Eileen is well-placed to assist in this critical choice.

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As a board member for the past five years, Eileen was a key part of the work done to ensure the Holmdel 2020 Initiative succeeded in delivering much needed, entirely new, Science, Engineering and Robotics Labs, updating our athletic facilities, and ensuring that all day kindergarten was available. As head of the Buildings and Grounds Committee, Eileen was an integral part of ensuring that Holmdel Schools could open on time for hybrid education this fall. Eileen’s dedication, integrity, attention to detail, and willingness to make difficult decisions for needed change are what the Holmdel board of education needs in this challenging time.

I am a member of the Holmdel Board of Education.  This is a personal statement and not a representation of the opinions or viewpoints of the Holmdel Board of Education.

Elizabeth A Urbanski

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