Elwood High School Teacher Faces Sexual Assault Charges | #teacher | #children | #kids

Legal Rights of Victims Sexually Abused by a Teacher

Attorney contributor Jeff Gibson, an experienced sexual assault lawyer, represents victims sexually assaulted by a teacher. Below, Jeff provides insight into the victim’s legal rights.

“Schools are obligated to provide a safe learning environment for their students. Unfortunately, sometimes teachers and school staff are unknown predators. These predators place themselves in positions of power and trust to exploit the students at the school. Schools must try their best to prevent predators at school and protect their students from sexual abuse.”

“If a victim has been sexually assaulted at school, they should ask if the school did their best to prevent the abuse. Preventative measures include, but are not limited to, security cameras and background checks. If a school doesn’t implement safety policies, it may be considered negligent. In cases of negligence, victims and their families may have grounds for a lawsuit.”

Elwood Junior-Senior High School



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