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It is not always easy to be a mom, or a teenager, and there are always going to be mistakes that happen. Parents are human, and they are always going to make mistakes, but the problem is that when they have teenagers, they are going to be more prone to embarrassing them. Teenagers are trying to find their way apart from their parents, and their own identity. They are in a stage when almost everything their parents do embarrasses them, and they are just looking for a way to escape.

However, moments happen that are mistakes and when a teenager is involved, they can be embarrassing. Whether this happens in school, in public, at home or on social media, they are always fun to share. Stories can help other moms and teenagers feel like they are not so alone, and they can also give everyone a good laugh. Laughs are needed more than ever right now, so we have found 6 embarrassing and funny mistakes that moms made with their teenagers.

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Since we are living in the modern age, a lot of blunders are happening on social media. According to Buzzfeed, one mom may have let more slip than she meant to on her teen’s social media post. The teen had posted a picture of himself at the gym and asked what everyone was training today, and the mom answered with ‘Kegel exercises.’ Her son responded with an expletive comment, and we are unsure if the mom just let it slip, or if she knew what she was commenting.

Restaurant Slip

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Teenagers tend to get embarrassed a lot when they are out in public with their parents, and one mom was out for lunch with her child, when she misinterpreted something that likely had her teen shaking her head. The pair were out to eat, and the waiter came over and slid a piece of paper over to the mom, who responded and said that she was in a relationship, assuming the waiter was giving her his number. It turned out to be the WIFI password.

An Oversight

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Some teenagers get into trouble with the law, and that is something that is normally taken care of in private. However, one mom had a huge error in judgment with her teenager. She had holiday cards made, the ones that most families do with pictures of their kids, but the picture she used was her son’s mugshot when he was in trouble. She had Photoshopped the mug shot card and typed in “Feliz Navidad” in the empty space. The teenager may never have shown up at another family reunion.

Best Intentions?

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Sometimes parents can think that they have the best intentions with their teenager, but it ends up going embarrassingly wrong. According to Bored Panda, one teenager shared the mistake that her mom made that embarrassed her. She said that when she was sixteen, she was doing a music gig at a local place when her mom showed up and dragged her home. She was the lead singer of the band and was in the middle of a song. Her mom was likely worried, but this was maybe not the best way to show it.

School Interviews

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School interviews are always going to be awkward for a teenager, and sometimes it is always a better choice to reschedule, and this was one instant. Apparently, the dad had a bad back and mom had just had minor surgery, but they decided to go ahead with the interview. The teenager was in the meeting, with his dad laying down on the floor for his back, and his mom only being able to stand. The teen said that it was the “weirdest 45 minutes of my life.”

Baseball Mom Gone Wild

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It is likely that one teenager thought he was just going to the ball game with his mom, but it turned out to be a big mistake when he left looking red in the face and being utterly embarrassed. According to Tip Hero, mom may have made an error in judgment when she decided to let it all go. The family was at the baseball game and the mom decided to stand up and start dancing like she was a teenager. The bigger problem was that it was picked up by the Jumbotron, because of course it was, and the teenager was mortified. Mom was likely just trying to have fun, but that was a big mistake and now the whole field and people at home saw the encounter.

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