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Eighteen-years ago, Nail Lyfe Spa was started by Sandra Britton. The former student of St. James Secondary School, now Frederick Smith Secondary, and Barbados ‘O’ Level Institute, owns a business that offers Footlogix products, manicures, hand, feet, neck and shoulder massages, smooth polishes, and nail enhancements with the use of acrylics and gels.

Britton said that her entrepreneurial journey has been exciting over the past 18 years.

“The journey as an entrepreneur has been rewarding, however, it posed many difficulties as I started the business with two young children.

As time went on and they grew, my business and I grew with them and it is because of the trials and ups and downs that I am still here continuing what I started 18 years ago,” she said.

Britton currently operates her business from Regency Park, Christ Church but also offers house visits to those who have mobility challenges. Why did she start her business 18 years ago whilst raising two young children?

The owner of Nail Lyfe Spa said it was because she wanted to secure an income for her children whilst doing something that she was passionate about.

From the inception, she has had many highlights in her career, one of which was connecting with esteemed professionals during international trade shows.

“Looking back at my journey through the years I am thankful and humbled by the successes that I have had from being featured [in the media] to connecting with esteemed professionals during international trade shows, and the opportunity to teach aspiring nail technicians over the years,” she said.

Britton is seeking to rebrand her business by focusing on the overall empowerment of both males and females when they come to her salon.   

“At Nail Lyfe Spa the focus has always been about how my clients feel when they are in the salon space and how satisfied they are with their service when they leave.

The salon space has always created a room for relaxation and safety so women can destress and feel like themselves. Now, the brand is about that and more.

Clients of Nail Lyfe Spa should feel confident in themselves and very importantly, feel empowered. Our rebranding is focused on empowerment for both male and female clients and higher quality of services with a safer selection of products,” she said.

But what inspired her to have this new direction for her company which has existed for almost two decades?  “The current economic climate has very much also pushed me in this direction, with everyone being under pressure and feeling incapable at times to handle everything happening in and around them.

I have made it my mission to empower persons through my service offerings – from the way clients are greeted, to the service execution, to the time they leave the space I have created, I want them to feel empowered, rejuvenated and relaxed, but also focused and strong,” she said.

Britton said unfortunately her company was forced to pause its operations but now she is back and ready to offer improved services to the public.

“Nail Lyfe Spa Services is now back and ready to offer improved services that are focused on restorative treatments for persons, especially with bunions, diabetes, hard and or damaged feet and other conditions.

“We also retail locally made skin care products from our sister-company ‘Heaven Scent By Jasmine’ and offer free samples with some services,” she said.

Heaven Sent by Jasmine offers cuticle oils, body butters, lip balms and body scrubs which are all infused with essential oils. Britton also revealed that her company has now welcomed international Pediceutical foot care line Footlogix to its pedicure services.

“We are pleased to announce that we are now using Footlogix products in our pedicures. We now also retail these products. Footlogix products are transformational and heal and restore dry callused skin, toenail fungus and cracked heels,” she said.

Reflecting on her 18 years of operation Britton said that she has learnt that if you have a unique idea or a solution to a problem or a passion that you cannot ignore, entrepreneurship is for you.

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