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LOS ANGELES, June 17, 2020 /PRNewswire/ — EQtainment (http://eqtainment.com/) announced today the EQtainment Mental Health Initiative, naming Trousdale Ventures (https://trousdalevc.com/) founder, Phillip Sarofim, Chairman of the committee. EQtainment is identifying partners to join the Initiative and sponsor putting Social Emotional curricula in at-risk schools in every major city, and the company is matching sponsorships by donating $30 million of mental health tools for kids and parents at home during the COVID-19 Crisis.

As a result of the COVID-19 quarantine, children have more uncertainty, anxiety, and instability than ever before. An estimated 30 million children are without the necessary resources to support their mental and emotional health, placing them at a four times higher risk for traumatic stress disorder, cognitive decline, depression, and weakened immune systems associated with prolonged social isolation.

The EQtainment Mental Health Initiative resources encompass a curriculum of interactive lessons, videos, and games, as well as instructive parent resources and teacher training. The program will be implemented by national nonprofit organization Project Tomorrow (https://tomorrow.org/) and a select panel of educators and child development experts.

“We are proud to support EQtainment in its efforts to help at-risk children during these trying times,” said Phillip Sarofim. “We believe that EQtainment provides the resources needed for parents, teachers, and schools to help their children succeed and grow into healthy adults.” As Chairman of the EQtainment Mental Health Initiative, Sarofim will be joining the efforts to mobilize additional sponsors and advising the team of childhood development experts and educators as they implement the program.

Said Sofia Dickens, Founder of EQtainment: “Every child deserves to feel safe and healthy so they can develop the skills they need to thrive at home and in the classroom. With emotional and mental health becoming a growing national concern, we look forward to introducing this program to schools and families across the country.”

EQtainment is on a mission to improve the world’s social and emotional skills through entertainment. Recognized by parents and educators, the award-winning Q Wunder program – show, app, games, music, and school curriculum – help children grow the most critical life skills. In an uncertain national climate of mental health issues and school violence, Q Wunder helps children develop self-awareness, problem solving, empathy, responsibility, and grit. Visit EQtainment online at EQtainment.com

Project Tomorrow is a 501.c.3 national education nonprofit organization with a 24-year history of working with K-12 schools nationwide to ensure that all students are well-prepared with the skills they need to become tomorrow’s innovators, leaders, and engaged citizens. Through tax deductible donations, Project Tomorrow will distribute the program, provide teacher support, and conduct efficacy research to measure impact.

Trousdale Ventures, LLC is a privately-held investment firm owned and managed by Phillip Sarofim with a portfolio that encompasses a variety of companies involved in technology, IT management, biopharmaceuticals, food and beverage, children’s educational products, sporting goods, travel and lifestyle, transportation, and entertainment. Visit Trousdale Ventures, LLC at (www.trousdalevc.com).

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