Expert: Children almost always tell truth when they report abuse

Everyone knows a sex offender.

That’s what Cory Jewell Jensen told a group gathered at West Side Ballroom for a community talk on the issue.

“Most go their entire lives without having a kid tell on them, said the co-director of the Center for Behavioral Intervention in Beaverton, Ore.

She has been a sex-offender evaluator and treatment provider for 33 years.


During her talk, “Protecting Your Children, Churches and Community: Advice from Child Molesters,” Jensen outlined why sex offenders may begin molesting children, the techniques they use to get close to children and families, and what parents, guardians and caregivers can do to look out for the safety of their children.

“I don’t want you to scare your kids,” she said, encouraging the parents and guardians gathered to reflect on what they hear when they go home before talking to their children.

An important point she hammered home was that adults are responsible for protecting children.

“We are all responsible for everyone’s children.”