Extradition for teenage sextortion suspect still up in the air

WBTV has learned the Mecklenburg County District Attorney is still figuring out whether or not to sign extradition papers to bring a suspect wanted for sextortion back to Charlotte. The DA has requested more information from the school district about the case.

“A decision would not be made regarding extradition until the case has been presented to prosecutors,” The District Attorney’s Office says, “This case has not yet been presented to prosecutors, and the investigation is still ongoing.”

Sources told WBTV that a Hough High School student blackmailed girls to send him nude pictures of themselves or he would post the pictures he received from another party.

We are told that the teenage suspect was questioned and then fled to Michigan to be with relatives. We are told the DA may not make a decision about bringing the student back until sometime next week.

“I think he should face the music,” Hough High School parent Nicole Hoffman said. “He should be responsible for what you do and for your actions. You shouldn’t be able to hide.”

The potential sticking point is extradition can be expensive and the sextortion charges may not warrant paying the price for that.
If the DA does not sign the paperwork, the suspect could stay on the loose and will only be arrested if he ever returns back to North Carolina.

Source: http://www.wbtv.com/story/30505815/extradition-for-teenage-sextortion-suspect-still-up-in-the-air