Facebook posts by woman in weekend Amber Alert led authorities to believe sons were in danger | #childabductors

Facebook posts written by a woman at the center of a weekend Amber Alert led authorities to believe her two sons were in grave danger.

Sarah Lynn Caswell, 33, lost custody of her two sons, 6-year-old Kaiden Wall and 2-year-old Kolden Wall, in July and now is charged federally with abducting them from their foster parents during a supervised visit in Mississippi on Friday.

Federal court documents filed this week in the Southern District of Mississippi cited several social media posts to which they were alerted by Caswell’s family members who described them as “crazy stuff.” These are Caswell’s Facebook posts cited in the federal court records:

“I have been left with no option but to try to solicit myself to build a fast income to get what I need for my kids.”

“One thing you will never do is take my right to protect my children weather [sic] I am dead or alive I will never stop fight [sic] or give up they are me.”

“If I dnt [sic] make it thru this game I hope someone tells my kids I fought until the end.”

According to FBI Special Agent Jason Dufault, Caswell lost custody of the boys on July 18, who were then placed with the Jackson County Mississippi Department of Child Protective Services. On July 21, the boys were officially named as wards of the state.

On Friday, Oct. 16, Caswell had a supervised visit at Beach Park in Pascagoula. During the visit, records state, she asked the foster parents if they were OK with the children sitting in her vehicle and they agreed. “Once inside, she hesitated, shut the doors and drove off at a high rate of speed,” Dufault wrote.

Prior to that happening, her Audi at 2:15 p.m. had been recorded entering Mississippi from Alabama. The following day, authorities tracked the vehicle to Mobile, suggesting she had driven back to Alabama. A state warrant was issued for her arrest Friday night.

Pascagoula police fielded calls from two relatives saying Caswell was posting “crazy stuff” on Facebook the day before the abduction and “believed Caswell was going to kill the kids to prevent anyone else from getting them.”

Early Sunday morning, Mississippi and Alabama officials launched Amber Alerts for Caswell and the two boys. Also on Sunday, FBI agents interviewed a man who said Caswell had showed up at his home in Mobile Friday night. The boys were hungry, he told investigators, so he bought them McDonald’s. Caswell, he said, was trying to sell the Audi.

On Monday, Caswell and the boys were found by Lincoln County sheriff’s deputies in Mississippi. The boys were returned to protective custody and Caswell is now being held in federal custody. She has been appointed a public defender.

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