#Facebook Video Shows Man #Whipping Teen & #Shaving Her Head for #Joining #Snapchat

A horrifying video shows a Louisiana man whipping a teen girl with a belt and shaving her head as a punishment. The violation? The girl reportedly downloaded Snapchat, much to 32-year-old Alex Harrison’s dismay.

Though her exact age is not known, Harrison identified the girl as a 9th grader, which would typically put her at 14 or 15-years-old. The exact relationship between the two is not clear at this time, though there are reports that she is a foster child of Harrison’s mother.

As if the punishment wasn’t enough for the man full of rage, he then posted the film to Facebook and Snapchat. He was subsequently arrested on charges of child cruelty.

The man can be seen whipping the girl with a belt about 50 times as she cried and pleaded in agony. After the beating, Harrison led the child to a kitchen where he proceeded to shave her head.

“You want to act like you grown?,” said a person who seemingly filmed the abuse. “You ain’t grown.”

A video from about four months ago, which can be viewed above, shows a woman beating a girl with a shoe and seemingly joking about it while the child, who states that her arm is red, appears to be accustomed to the behavior. “That’s why she get beat…,” the woman can be heard saying. Harrison references Snapchat towards the end of the film.

Harrison is facing hefty criticism online following the violent display. Much of his Facebook profile appears to be public, and people are taking to the page in order to tell him exactly how they feel.


Amanda Lynn commented on the status shown above:

I’m all for spanking, but you went way overboard, and I agree with the others, that’s abuse. The humiliation she’s gonna feel because of you shaving off all her beautiful hair, you should be ashamed of yourself. This generation has become so sensitive and weak, she is guaranteed to be a victim of bullying because of what you’ve done… (beating her on video, that the WORLD has now seen, and making her bald headed), Hell, Suicide isn’t too far off either. Then how would you feel?. You, and that childs mother need some parenting classes ASAP. Better yet, Please go get yourself fixed. I can’t imagine this is the first BEATING that kid has felt, so that goes to show you, they aren’t helping you better parent your child. I’m glad you were arrested, rightfully so. So you wanted to show the world your a child abuser? Good job, now your whole community knows, your childs entire school knows, your employer knows, so thanks for making CPS aware of the abuse you cause so something can be done about it! I hope you feel shame everytime somebody recognizes your punk ass in public. CPS don’t fail them kids!!

“After the way you beat that child and totally humiliated and shamed her by shaving her head, you need a vasectomy,” KiKi Holiwell wrote. “You have no business having children. You are a HORRIBLE parent.”

A woman who identified herself as Harrison’s sister defended the whipping, though she did say shaving the teen’s head was “wrong.”

“He was wrong for shaving her head but he didn’t beat her that was an old fashion a** whoopin and yall aint bout to be wishing death on my f***cking brother id rather her get that ass whooped than to be going down the wring path at 15, Griffin stated,” in part.

“You are as evil as he is,” Sherie Ann stated.

Harrison also criticized the teen’s personal hygiene and claimed she didn’t know “how to change her tampon.”

“After reviewing the video, from my experience in this business, we determined that the child was abused,” Ferriday Police Detective Richard Madison told The Natchez Democrat. He told the news outlet that that he could not discuss the video footage in great detail because it is an ongoing investigation.