False School Shooting Alarm At Elgin High School Results In Large Police Presence | #schoolshooting

Students and faculty at Elgin High School got a nasty shock today as Elgin police responded to a false report of a school shooting in progress.

According to an Elgin Police Department statement, this morning at 9:55 a.m. the EPD received a call reporting a school shooting at Elgin High School. Officers were able to determine that the call came from a phone number that was registered to a student at the school.

Responding with what the statement called “a large police presence,” EPD located the student who indicated that the phone had been stolen. Officers were able to locate the phone at the school and have determined that there is no active threat.

EPD did not disclose whether they have identified the caller at this point.

There will continue to be a police presence and extra attention at the school for the remainder of the day, and the investigation is continuing. EPD is also continuing to work with school staff to ensure the safety of the students.

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