Fat shaming cyber bully page pulled

The anonymous cyber bully/bullies that ran the “530 Fatties” Facebook page have been unavailable for comment since the fat shaming page was removed on Monday reported the Daily Mail Tuesday. California residents within the area code are furious after pictures were posted without permission of themselves and other overweight individuals in the most cowardly way.

What type of person/persons would operate a Facebook page just to humiliate people that are not thin? There are many answers to that question, none that are pleasant, however the first that comes to mind is someone with little self-esteem and a lousy upbringing. A cyber bully who not only photographed residents in public without their permission, but also posted the pics with hurtful comments to the “530 Fatties” Facebook page targeted overweight folks within the 530 area code, which encompasses almost 20 Northern California counties.

CNN talked with one victim of the “530 Fatties” fat shaming rant. The beautiful 18-year-old Jessi Lynn Howell discovered a photograph of herself on the cyber bully Facebook page from October when she was 50 pounds heavier. She chose to speak to the news network because she feels all bullying needs to end, and she wants to be “that voice today for those people who don’t have a voice.” Howell has struggled with her weight due to medical issues, but has thinned with the help of medication.

Her “voice” and the other residents of Northern California have been heard. The “530 Fatties” Facebook page was removed on Monday as CBS 13 in Sacramento began to investigate the fat shaming claims. The local news made several attempts to contact the administrator/cyber bully that Howell believes lives in the area. However, the number that was listed on the “530 Fatties” page has since been disconnected.