Father Accused Of Abducting 2-Year-Old, Murdering Boy’s Mother, Grandmother, Police Say | #childabductors

Alicia Roberts reports.

Video Transcript

UKEE WASHINGTON: But first, new information just in about the little boy at the center of an AMBER Alert. His father, arrested and suspected in the deaths of the child’s mother and grandmother. Good evening, everyone. I’m Ukee Washington.

JESSICA KARTALIJA: And I’m Jessica Kartalija. “Eyewitness News” outside the Aloft Hotel near Philadelphia International Airport where police took Byran McDonald II into custody. Two-year-old Byron McDonald was found safe and unharmed in a hotel room. Alicia Roberts joins us live with new information she just received from investigators. Alicia?

ALICIA ROBERTS: That’s right, Jessica. We spoke to Philadelphia police within the last 30 minutes. They would not say if kidnapping charges were among those being considered against the little boy’s father. Tonight, we have also learned that toddler is in the care of police and so far still seemingly unaware of so much tragedy happening all around him.

Shortly before 4:00 Monday afternoon, CBS3 cameras were rolling as two-year-old Byron McDonald pointed to the cameras outside Aloft Hotel near PHL airport as police were installing a car seat in the back of their patrol car to take him into protective custody. Just before that, a man by the same name, Byron McDonald II, was taken into custody, considered to be a person of interest in the death of the toddler’s mother and grandmother.

JOEL DALES: We’re looking at both homicides at this point.

ALICIA ROBERTS: The boy’s grandmother, who police sources identified as 50-year-old Tamara Aikens, was killed Friday on North Bancroft Street. Balloons and Teddy Bears adorn her front door, where you can still see the bullet holes.

TIFFANY WILLIAMS: I then hear the shots.

ALICIA ROBERTS: Neighbors describe the woman they call Miss Tam.

TIFFANY WILLIAMS: She would ask me every time I see her, how’s your mom doing? Tell her I said hi.

ALICIA ROBERTS: Monday morning, the boy’s mother, who police sources identify as 25-year-old Morgan Braxton, was also found dead in a home on North 8th Street.

JOEL DALES: We also later learned that the decedent had a two-year-old child that was unaccounted for at the time.

ALICIA ROBERTS: That began an AMBER Alert to find the little boy, who police tracked to a hotel room on the fifth floor. When they arrived, they found the little boy, McDonald II, and his mother, whose name has yet to be released.

JASMINE FRIPPS: I didn’t see him, but my co-worker– she’s at the Four Points right now– she said that she’d seen the guy when he came in– with the bald head. I don’t think she noticed the son, but she definitely seen him.

ALICIA ROBERTS: SWAT teams peacefully took McDonald II into custody along with his mother, who is believed to have booked the hotel room.

No weapons were recovered today, and no one was injured as McDonald II was taken into custody. Tonight, the investigation continues into a possible motive. Reporting live in South West Philadelphia, Alicia Roberts, CBS3 “Eyewitness News.”

JESSICA KARTALIJA: Alicia, thank you.

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