Fear of Choking: Overcome Anginophobia

http://CTRN.com/fear-of-choking/ If you have Anginophobia – a fear of choking – you are not alone, and it CAN be overcome, faster than you think. Please watc…

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10 thoughts on “Fear of Choking: Overcome Anginophobia

  1. therealgrizzla

    I’m so sorry to hear… Same with happened with me but the heimlich was
    never performed… I managed to swaloe the lodged food down but I got a
    huge fear of eating now. You will see that in time we’ll have the strength
    to overcome this issue

  2. Patrick Scellick

    i chocked on a marsmellow and cheese 2 years ago so now i worry about
    chocking on hard food and i feel like i can only eat food that is soft!

  3. saiyanlevel2

    How can I get over my fear of choking when eating? I love my food, but
    recently with exams and school I’ve become really stressed. Since all my
    exams have started I’ve got more and more frightened of choking. I can’t
    eat meat without panicking that there’s going to be a bone in it that I
    will choke on. I can’t eat anything that’s crumbly and would stick in my
    throat. It’s really getting to me now. I can only eat/drink liquids without

  4. Jessica Christmas

    I choked two weeks ago my throat just stopped for 5 second now im
    apprehensive about eating and drinking. I don’t really know how to go back
    to normal.

  5. MusicCorny

    Just a few minutes ago I was choking hysterically. I just took a big sip of
    water and then voila! I was choking and making some gasping noise. I
    couldn’t breathe for like 10 seconds and I thought I was going to die. This
    happened to me many times before. I even choked on beer and soda, both of
    these are harder to swallow. So, I am now abstaining from these beverages
    to prevent myself from choking. Ohgosh, I really need help. Sometimes even
    drinking water makes me choke.

  6. LottieRussellx

    It’s been a year and a half since I choken and my friend had to do the
    heimlich, I’m still so afraid, I thought with patience and time it would go
    away but it hasn’t 🙁