Fight against racism should not be fought only by courageous few | #students | #parents


A friend from Delta who was visiting my home in Vancouver had brought with her the three latest issues of the Delta Optimist (a newspaper unknown to me) for me to read if I was interested.

As I scanned the first few pages, I was quite impressed with the excellent coverage of the march against racism in Ladner by Ian Jacques. This is journalism which invites the type of public discussion that can help a community grow into one where everyone can feel at home.

I was also quite impressed with the courage shown both by teacher Kiran Sidhu in reporting to the police an incident which appeared to be a racist altercation encountered on Centennial Beach and by the speech presented by student Malia Baker during the march.

It is, of course, much easier for victims to remain silent. But in spite of knowing there would be push-back, Sidhu and Baker did not do the easy thing. They stepped forward and spoke for so many other victims by saying publicly what should be voiced by all: That discrimination, whether it by race or creed, is immoral, is just plain wrong and must be countered.

The fight against racism should not be fought only by the courageous few, but by all citizens and politicians at all levels of government.

Robert André

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