Fight caught on camera at Albuquerque middle school | #students | #parents

ALBUQUERQUE, N.M. (KRQE) – A parent is looking for answers after they say their daughter was involved in a physical altercation with a teacher at an Albuquerque middle school. The video is circulating on social media.

Thirteen-year-old Heaven Herrera attends eighth grade at Truman Middle School. Last Thursday, she said she was helping her friend fix a bike chain when a teacher came up to her and they started a verbal altercation. From there, things escalated. 

“We were arguing a lot and then I got in her face and she got in my face and she had hit me with the walkie talkie and then I had started hitting her back because I have mixed personalities and stuff like that,” Herrera said.

In the video, it’s difficult to see who started hitting who first. Herrera was quickly restrained by what appears to be Albuquerque Public Schools security or police. According to Herrera and her stepmom, Sabrina Chavez, the student’s mental disabilities and anger problems are well documented with the school.  

Chavez says she’s frustrated with the lack of communication with Truman Middle School employees. “I even asked them at the end of it, well how come nobody contacted me from the office and they just said ‘oh because there was another fight that had broke out,’ like that’s no excuse. You had my daughter that was in a physical altercation with one of your teachers,” Chavez said.

Herrera met with the APS police on Tuesday to give her statement. Chavez says they plan to press charges. The family also got a call on Tuesday from the school’s principal, letting them know Herrera is on a long-term suspension. Her hearing is set for December 7. 

KRQE News 13 reached out to APS to see if the staff member is under investigation or on leave from the Truman Middle School incident. A spokesperson says they do not comment on personnel issues. 

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