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FIGHT VIDEO: Schoolgirls brawl as teachers watch on | #students | #parents


A vicious schoolyard fight in front of teachers has been captured on video, with one concerned father saying it was two against one.

The shocking video shows two girls, one of which is aged 12, punching and kicking each other while fellow students watch on and chant. Several teachers are seen watching in the background.

A third student also appears to become involved in the fight.

Screen grabs from schoolyard fight caught on video.

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The father of one student, Chris Blume, said the fight was two against his daughter, but was proud she “held her ground well”.

“She’s doing OK, she’s not beaten up about it,” he told The Courier-Mail.

“I think because she’s got my support and family, and even the general community on Facebook saying she held her ground well.”

Blume shared the vision publicly on Facebook, which has attracted nearly 3,000 views and hundreds of comments.

The incident occurred on Tuesday at Calamvale Community College, but Blume said his daughter has been having problems with a group of students for “quite a while”.

Screen grabs from schoolyard fight caught on video.

“Back in my day if kids had problems like this, the parents would get together and sort it out,” he said.

“I’m pissed off that it was two (girls) against one kid half their size.

“To me that’s just thug life, like what you see in gangs. I just want this s*** to stop.”

Blume is also angry, claiming three teachers in the footage didn’t do enough to break up the fight.

‘Where is the duty of care?’ he said.

Calamvale Community College Principal Lisa Starmer said the video on social media does not reflect the values of the school.

“Any situation that threatens the safety and wellbeing of students, staff or others in our school community is treated extremely seriously, and dealt with as a matter of priority,” she told The Courier-Mail in a statement.

“The video that is being shared within our community and on social media does not reflect the strong values that are the hallmark of Calamvale Community College.

“The vast majority of our students exemplify positive behaviour and are focused on their learning and a healthy respect for each other.”

Mrs Starmer said the College is investigating the circumstances behind the video, and will take a decisive action once all of the facts are established.

Screen grabs from schoolyard fight caught on video.

“The safety and welfare of our students continues to be my highest priority at all times. Guidance officers and other support is available to students who require it,” she said.

“Students and caregivers with ongoing concerns regarding bullying or misconduct are strongly encouraged to discuss these matters further with their school principal or their closest Department of Education regional office.”

Blume also told The Courier-Mail that outside of school-grounds, young teenagers are increasingly filming themselves provoking fights.

He said there is an Instagram page where teens are uploading videos of punch-ups in order to gain notoriety.

“It’s fights and schoolyard scuffles being uploaded,” he said.

“It seems to be the new thing young kids are doing, they are going around picking fights and getting a friend to secretly record and upload it trying to become social media famous.

“It’s stupid, it’s almost like it’s a new craze.”

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