Fights were reported at Harmony Montgomery’s ‘messy’ home & neighbors raised child abuse fears before girl, 7, vanished | #childabuse | #children | #kids

THE year a half-blind girl went missing she was living in squatter-like conditions at a messy home where neighbors reported multiple fights and possible child abuse.

The reports, obtained by The Sun, pull back the curtain on seven-year-old Harmony Montgomery’s living conditions before she mysteriously vanished.


Harmony was five years old when she disappearedCredit: WBZ CBS
There have been more than a dozen calls for service at the Montgomery household in Manchester, New Hampshire between January 2019 and January 20205

There have been more than a dozen calls for service at the Montgomery household in Manchester, New Hampshire between January 2019 and January 2020Credit: Google Maps

The young girl was last seen in Manchester, New Hampshire in October 2019, but her disappearance wasn’t reported missing until the last week of December 2021.

She had been living at 77 Gilford St. with her biological father Adam Montgomery and his wife Kayla, who were both arrested last week, as well as Adam’s uncle Kevin Montgomery.

Officers responded to the home at least 16 times between January 2019 and January 2020, according to the police reports.

There were verbal bouts between Adam and Kayla, fights between Adam and Harmony’s uncle, “messy” home conditions and concerns of child and animals abuse, the police reports said.

“Neighbor concerned about young child living at this address. Said she thinks the parents are squatting there and have no electricity, just a small generator. And there is trash everywhere. She is concerned for the child and asked that we check the condition.”

That report was from August 5, 2019. Police and New Hampshire Department for Children, Youth and Families, which Harmony’s biological mother ripped for not protecting her daughter, responded.

When asked about the critcism, DCYF told The Sun in a January 3 exclusive interview that “often times, the child protection agency is blamed when things go wrong.”

“It’s a bigger picture than just one agency,” said child advocate Moira O’Neill, who downplayed the finger pointing.

“This situation is horrible, but it’s horrible to blame police and the child protection case workers. They’re always left to sort things out.”

The August 5, 2019 police reported concluded that they’ve been here “several times,” “everyone’s home, generator is running, food in the house, they are healthy, all is well.”

About two weeks later – August 21, 2019 – another neighbor called to report a suspected squatter in the home.

The report reads: “There is a generator running and there is trash all over the place. Unknown exactly how many people are in there.

“Getting numerous calls about this. Tenant Adam is in the process of being evicted. His uncle Kevin Montgomery has been calling in checking conditions and harassing him. DCYF has been involved.”


A few weeks later – September 11, 2019 – Manchester police officers on patrol broke up a fight outside the Gilford Street home between Adam and Kevin.

According to the report, Adam accused Kevin and his wife of “barging their way in without his permission,” and Kevin said they were trying to retrieve their belongings after moving to Florida.

The officers went in with Kevin and his wife and noticed “clutter in every room consisting of clothing and empty food containers,” the report said.

“Adam told me although the power had been turned off several months ago due to nonpayment, he has a portable generator in the driveway which powers the refrigerator. I could see food in the cupboards and refrigerator.

“I went upstairs where I contacted Adam’s wife Kayla and the three children (names redacted). All three children appeared to be clean and fed. Their clothing was approriate for the current conditions.

“Although this area was highly disheveled, it did not appear unsafe.”

A January 2020 police report described a “very bad odor” coming from the home which was why the door was open.


Adam was arrested and charged with assaulting Harmony shortly before her disappearance and misdemeanor charges of interference with custody and two counts of endangering the welfare of a child.

Adam has a violent past and allegedly “bashed (Harmony) around the house,” forced her to scrub the toilet with her toothbrush and stand in the corner for hours during a drug a relapse, according to a probable cause affidavit.

Kayla was arrested shortly after Adam and charged with one felony count of theft by deception and two misdemeanor counts of welfare fraud and is scheduled to be arraigned Thursday afternoon.

In an affidavit obtained by The US Sun, prosecutors allege Kayla admitted to “knowingly” receiving the benefits under fraudulent means during a recent interview regarding Harmony’s disappearance.

She reportedly told police she last saw the missing seven-year-old the day after Thanksgiving in 2019.

“Kayla stated that one the day after Thanksgiving in 2019, Adam dropped her off at work and said she was going to bring [Harmony] to her mother to live with her,” the affidavit reads.


The major question remains: Where’s Harmony Montgomery?

Manchester Police Chief Allen Aldenberg and Harmony’s younger brother’s adopted parents Blair and Jonathon Miller said they’re in “emergency rescue mode.”

The Millers told The Sun in a previous exclusive interview that they believe Harmony is still alive and have been doing everything they can to find their son Jamison’s older sister.

They said the two were inseparable while they bounced around the foster care system.

The Manchester police chief announced more than $10,000 in rewards for information during a press conference.

The reward is now over $100,000, police announced on Wednesday.

The Manchester Police Department set up this tips hotline that can be called or texted and will be manned 24/7: 603-203-6060.

The admittedly emotional police chief was emphatic in delivering his message and pleaded with the community of Manchester to “be an adult” and come forward.

“Help us find this little girl. Someone knows something, do what is right and call in,” Aldenberg said.

Then he urged the public to avoid social media theories.

“Don’t play detective. Don’t play police. Leave that to us,” Chief Aldenberg said.

He said he couldn’t say who and where Harmony was supposed to be and who she was supposed to be with, but she wasn’t with that person or in that location.

“Quite frankly, enough is enough. This is a seven-year-old girl. Let’s find her.”

Harmony is still missing


Harmony is still missing
Adam Montgomery was arrested and charged with assaulting Harmony


Adam Montgomery was arrested and charged with assaulting HarmonyCredit: AP:Associated Press
Kayla Montgomery was arrested and scheduled to be arraigned Thursday


Kayla Montgomery was arrested and scheduled to be arraigned ThursdayCredit: Manchester NH Police

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