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First On WCCB: Parents Concerned After Child Abduction Arrest In Stanly County | #childabductors

STANLY COUNTY, N.C. – First on WCCB, parents in Stanly County are demanding answers after a child abduction arrest near Stanfield.

A woman is facing several troubling charges including child abuse, sexual battery, and sexual servitude adult victim.

Parents have been raising concerns on social media since learning about the arrest.

“It infuriates me and it scares me,” says one parent, who didn’t want to be identified.

She says she’s troubled and concerned about what could be happening down the road from where she lives.

“And it makes me feel like I need to protect my children, and it makes me feel as if somethings going on that I don’t know is going on,” she says.

She posted on social media after learning about the arrest of 34-year-old Marissa Bolton at a home on Harvell Road.

Bolton was taken into custody on Sunday on several charges including Abduction of Children and Child Abuse, then was released.

She was arrested again on Tuesday and charged with Sexual Battery, Sexual Servitude Adult Victim, and Second Degree Forcible Sexual Offense.

A second person, 34-year-old James Bolton, was taken into custody and charged with Felony Conspiracy and Contributing to the Delinquency of a Minor.

“For the magnitude of those kind of charges to be surfaced, it’s scary, it makes you wonder, what’s going on, who’s around my kids,” the parent says.

We saw private property signs and a long driveway at the address where police believe the alleged crimes may have happened.

On social media, rumors are swirling about children possibly being forced into fighting one another in a nearby park.

Investigators tell us they weren’t aware of that, until we shared the video with them.

Parents say they are awaiting more information from the Sheriff, who plans to release more on Wednesday.

“But when you see a child in those charges, that makes you want to ask questions, that makes you want to know more,” the parent says.

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