Five Eyes nations warn new EU privacy laws make online child abuse easier | #childabuse | #children | #kids

The EU is making it easier for paedophiles to sexually abuse children on social media through new privacy laws that prevent police from detecting them, said a statement from the Five Eyes intelligence network of countries.

In a statement revealed exclusively on Tuesday by The Telegraph, the five countries said the new EU laws protecting the online privacy of paedophiles could make it impossible for the tech firms and police to investigate and prevent child exploitation and abuse on social media.

In the joint statement, Priti Patel, the Home Secretary and ministers from the US, Australia, New Zealand and Canada demand that social media firms be granted an exemption from the laws so that they can continue to scan for child abuse images on their platforms.

The legislation is designed to protect online communications from monitoring by internet companies but has been drawn so widely that it will also cover private messages by potential paedophiles grooming children.

Child safety charities warn it could, at a stroke, block reports of up to five million child abuse images a month that the social media firms pass to agencies for investigation by law enforcement officers. 

Although the ePrrivacy laws have been integrated into UK law after transition, the Government and social media companies believe they can use UK legislation to continue to scan for images within the UK.

However, the new EU laws still protects potential abusers in the EU targeting UK children and will hamper the international police battle against paedophiles.

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