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Five Students Cited for Assaulting a Teen at Apollo High School | #students | #parents

(KNSI) — Five students at Apollo High School were cited for assault following a fight in a school bathroom on June 2nd.

The St. Cloud Police Department says about 2:00, school officials and the School Resource Officer were made aware of the situation. Investigators say one 15-year-old boy from Waite Park and a 15-year-old boy from St. Cloud were to meet in a bathroom to settle a disagreement. When the victim went into the bathroom, one of the boys allegedly had four of his friends with him ranging in age from 14 to 16, waiting for the other student.

A press release from the department says the five then began punching and kicking the other student repeatedly. Part of the assault was captured on video.

The student was injured but did not require medical attention at the time of the investigation.

The five juveniles involved were all released to the custody of their parents after they were cited for fifth-degree assault.

The press release says District 742 and St. Cloud Police are committed to providing a safe and disruption free atmosphere at the school. District officials are also “taking administrative action with the stidents that have been cited in this case.”


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