FLCL AMV Choking You

An amv i made when i was bored.The Songis choking you by prefuse 73.

#gregoryevans #HTCS #PSO #B4Inc

18 thoughts on “FLCL AMV Choking You

  1. muskaman2k

    DUDE! me too!! well…I found out about them via pandora and that was about
    a month ago…I just got one word extinguisher in the mail along with vocal
    studies + uprock beats…its awsome! I love this guy ^_^ oh yes btw nice
    video! haha I love flcl and when I saw you made this vid to one of my fav
    songs on the album I had to sit and watch it! =D

  2. Christopher Odum

    @thx1138ccc you’re on man! you have dished out a challenge onto my plate
    and I’ll shall gladly except! I shall make a video using this song as well
    as clips from scott pilgrim! you shall be my critiquer!! I shall post you
    something b4 the 5th of january! I’m trusting that you’re able to give room
    to a contrary opinion and honost feed back!