Follow These Safety Tips When Posting Your Children’s School Photos Online

8584321_GOKLAHOMA CITY –You’ve probably noticed in your Facebook feed, pictures of kids dressed in brand new clothes and backpacks and off to the first day of school. But before you upload or email those photos, you may want to leave a number of details out.

First, never disclose your child’s school. Take several photos of them for sentimental value but the one you post on any social media should not have the school’s name nor their teacher’s name. Even if you have strict privacy settings or you’re only sharing it with family or close friends, you don’t always know who others are connected with online and someone determined to find a child would have key information to track them down.

Next, never disclose child’s full legal name as that may put them at risk for identity theft.

Patrick Allmond also suggests changing the settings on your camera phone.

“We discovered by default the actual location information is included in images and that’s something you can turn off. There are just some basic common sense measures we can use to make sure we are sharing the right information. We are sharing the joy of our kids and their first day of school but we’re just not giving away too much information that can be used in less than stellar ways,”  Allmond said.

Finally, consider this, before posting a photo which has your child in it with a classmate or friend, be sure to ask the other child’s parent first. Some parents have different feelings on this issue and you just want to be sure that parent is OK with you putting a photo of their child in a public forum.

Source: Newson6