Fond du Lac High School adds 4 security officers after student fights | #students | #parents

FOND DU LAC – Up to four security officers will be added at Fond du Lac High School for the remainder of the school year, the school board decided Monday. 

Superintendent Jeff Fleig made the recommendation after multiple fights broke out on Oct. 5 that resulted in nine students being taken into custody. A 17-year-old faces criminal charges.

The fights were disturbing, Fleig said, and due to ongoing problems between two families in the community that began in summer and carried over into school this fall, with other students joining in the feud.

Several students were suspended and some face expulsion.

He also pointed to ongoing issues with too many students congregating in hallways.

“It’s imperative that the high school have additional staff on hand not only to assist in situations of physical aggression but also to help keep hallways clear and ensure students are in class,” Fleig said. 

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