For Anybody Raising Kids” is an inspirational book for parents as they are the REAL superheroes | #parenting

“Superhero Parenting: For Anybody Raising Kids” is a book that encourages parents to understand their true identities as REAL SUPERHEROES in the lives of their children. “Superhero Parenting: For Anybody Raising Kids” is the work of author Kathryn Maureen O’Rourke, who previously worked in group settings as a teacher, counselor, and therapist.

“Superhero Parenting: For Anybody Raising Kids is a simple but powerful little booklet loaded with strategies and suggestions for you—parents, grandparents, or guardians who have been blessed with the opportunity to make that same loving and immeasurable difference in the life of a child. Implementing these superhero parenting strategies has the potential to create strong family bonds and a powerful sense of belonging, build trust, instill values, raise social and emotional intelligence, sow wisdom, instill wonder, generate faith, produce lots of fun, and reap loving-kindness.

“Thanks to the Superhero Holy Spirit within, you have everything you need to succeed . . . you are the REAL Superhero Parent!

O’Rourke shares, “Superhero Parenting: For Anybody Raising Kids follows a series of four Superhero Heart Rescue stories and the Head To Heart short chapter book now available on and at Barnes and Noble. These stories cover difficult topics, such as divorce, blended families, parental addiction and incarceration, grief, and feelings of failure. They express emotions and possible reactions a child may have to these circumstances, opening doors for discussion between parents and children. In each story, children are led by a loving individual to understand the truth about their fears and feelings and hear about the amazing and loving power of the Holy Spirit to comfort and heal their hearts.

“Posters are included in each story, as well as in Superhero Parenting, to be cut out and posted to remind you of who you really are, how much you truly are loved, and how perfectly capable you are of completing the mission your Heavenly Father has set before you.”

Published by Christian Faith Publishing, Kathryn Maureen O’Rourke’s new book is a guide that opens doors for discussions between parent and child.

View a synopsis of “Superhero Parenting: For Anybody Raising Kids” on YouTube.

Consumers can purchase “Superhero Parenting: For Anybody Raising Kids” at traditional brick & mortar bookstores, or online at, Apple iTunes store, or Barnes and Noble.

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