Former Army major, wife, to be sentenced in child abuse case

A former U.S. Army Major and his wife, convicted this summer of physically and psychologically abusing their children, will learn their fate in federal court Tuesday.

Former Army Maj. John Jackson and his wife Carolyn were convicted in July of severely abusing their three adoptive children in the name of disciplining them.

The three children sustained broken bones, were denied medical care and water, and were force-fed onions, red-hot sauce or red pepper flakes when the abuse began in 2005, jurors heard at the trial.

One child, deprived of food and water, resorted to drinking from a toilet — an infraction that also brought on punishment, court records said.

The Jacksons told their older biological children not to report the physical assaults, but one did, earning a beating of 30 strikes with a belt by Carolyn Jackson, the U.S. Attorney’s Office said.