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BOSTON — The former Duxbury middle school gym teacher and hockey coach being sued for allegedly raping one of his former students has withdrawn a counterclaim he filed against the parents of his alleged victim.

In the counterclaim filed in federal court in May, John Blake said the parents of his alleged victim, Parker Foley, engaged in a campaign of “character assassination” against him and the Duxbury school district, made “untrue” statements to town officials, filed written complaints that were “malicious” and constituted libel, as well as making verbal statements that constitute slander.

“Such conduct caused the defendant and his family emotional distress,” Blake’s attorney, Kevin Reddington, said in the counterclaim. “The plaintiffs did intentionally and recklessly inflict emotional distress on the plaintiff.”

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Reddington said Parker Foley’s parents’ “untrue” complaints and statements cost Blake his job. 

Reddington has not responded to a request for comment for this story or returned requests for comments on previous stories about his client.

Despite Reddington’s claims that what the Foleys cost Blake his job, School Superintendent John Antonucci previously said Blake was fired after an investigation into his conduct.

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Attorneys for Duxbury said in an answer to the lawsuit that the school district hired Regina Ryan of Discrimination and Harassment Solutions LLC to conduct a private investigation into the allegations of rape. They said she found the allegations credible.

In the notice to voluntarily dismiss the counterclaim filed last week, Reddington gave no reasoning. The Foleys had not yet filed an answer or move for it to be thrown out. 

Federal Judge Allison Burroughs granted the request to dismiss the counter claim on June 17, the same day it was filed.

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The Foleys filed a $1 million lawsuit at the end of March against the Duxbury Public Schools and John Blake. In the eight-count complaint, Foley’s parents said their son developed a drug addiction that ultimately killed him a way to cope after Blake repeatedly raped him in the middle school during gym class. Parker Foley fatally overdosed on Oct. 21, 2020. He was 27.

Blake has not been criminally charged and, in a news release, Duxbury Police Chief Stephen McDonald said they could not bring charges because Parker Foley is dead. They offered no more information.

The Plymouth County District Attorney’s Office has not responded to any requests for information, confirmation or comment on this matter. 

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Parker Foley’s father, Joseph Foley, said in an email that he has no comment on this development. 

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