Former federal prosecutor Mimi Rocah vies to unseat Westchester | #predators | #childpredators | #kids

A political newcomer is vying to unseat current Westchester District Attorney Anthony Scarpino in this June’s Democratic primary election.

Mimi Rocah, a Scarsdale mother of two, is campaigning differently and adjusting to life under the global pandemic. It’s her first time running for office.

“Being able to see the sincerity of my passion for what I’m doing is harder to get through over a Zoom screen,” she admitted.

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In-person or online, her message is the same, saying that she has “more experience as a leader in law enforcement than the current DA.”

The former federal prosecutor spent 16 years putting mafia bosses, sex traffickers and child predators behind bars. She says the current DA isn’t living up to the office’s maximum potential.

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Her first challenge, if elected, would be to run the courts during and after the COVID-19 pandemic.

“People who are facing incarceration have a right to have in-person appearances at certain points in the proceedings, so we’ll have to figure out how to do that safely,” she told News 12.

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She condemned the current administration for releasing low-level offenders from prison too slowly amid the coronavirus outbreak.

“We can do better, and we should be striving to, and I haven’t seen that in this epidemic,” she says.

Her career was shaped after a close family member was the victim of a violent rape that Rocah says police didn’t investigate.

“I largely became a prosecutor because I wanted to bring justice to victims, not just of sex crimes but all kinds of different crimes,” she says.

She says sex crimes and removing guns from the streets are a main point of her platform. Rocah says she is focusing on transparency and ethics – traits she argues her opponent doesn’t demonstrate.

“We should have justice separate from decisions like politics, political influence, campaign donations,” she says.

She looks up to progressive leaders like President Barack Obama and former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton. Rocah sees a world where the DA’s office can push back against the agenda in Washington.


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