Former hit man John Alite invited to speak to Queens schoolkids

Apparently, some people think it’s a bad idea to invite a convicted serial killer to mentor schoolkids. founder Theresa Racine is livid that her attempts to bring former mob hit man John Alite to lecture grade schoolers on the dangers of bullying is being met with stiff opposition.

According to Racine, Alite was recently slated to be her special guest at an after-school event at a grade school in the Rockaways until “threatening” letters convinced her to host her workshop without the Queens-bred tough guy.

“We all know John had a horrible life, but he’s different now,” she tells Confidenti@l. Racine argues that it’s the former Mafia button man who’s being “bullied” now as he tries to turn over a new leaf.

In 2008, Alite — a former assassin for the Gambino crime family — pleaded guilty to two murders and four counts of conspiracy to commit murder, then served six years in prison after agreeing to testify against the mob. He’d initially confessed to 15 murders.

According to Racine, people involved in Alite’s “former life” are trying to stop him from using his experiences to help kids. Alite opponents have launched a website called to detour people from working with the 53-year-old ex-con.

But according to Racine, Alite’s checkered past is what qualifies him to warn kids about violence.
“When a guy with a suit and tie comes in talking to kids about bullying, they look at them and say, ‘Yeah, OK,’ ” she says.

Racine, who also conducts workshops that combat domestic abuse and human trafficking through the state, has already conducted one anti-bullying workshop at the Rockaway grade school, which she asked us not to name for fear of distracting students.

Though Alite missed that session, we’re told that an old associate of his identified only as “Mike” showed up to tell the two dozen attendees that they should give Alite a second chance.

Racine also told us that three “rough”-looking men who refused to sign in showed up, sized up the security team, and made other plans for the evening.