Former News Anchor Bree Walker Tells Pat Harvey How Her Life Unraveled

Former anchor Bree Walker appeared to have it all. So what caused her life to unravel? CBS2’s Pat Harvey reports. Official Site: http://losangeles.cbslocal.c…

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7 thoughts on “Former News Anchor Bree Walker Tells Pat Harvey How Her Life Unraveled

  1. Ryan G

    Nobody looks good in a mug shot. I can’t believe cbs would make such a
    horrible spin off a good person. Screw all you haters and get a life!

  2. Bryan J

    I don’t think I would call CBS horrible for this, I have a feeling Bree was
    very much for this interview of she wouldn’t have done it. In any event, it
    is quite shocking for me to see what she has done to herself. Back when she
    was anchoring in Los Angeles I was struck by how beautiful and together she
    seemed. All these years later, not only is alcohol obviously a problem for
    her, but I also am concerned about her body image. I may be wrong but it
    looks like she is underweight (or nearly so) and the plastic surgery has
    done her no favors. I’d tend to think the drinking and the attempts to
    remold her physical form stem from a similar place.

    That said, I was and still am a fan of hers and I wish her a speedy (and
    hopefully permanent) recovery. There is clearly a lot of inner turmoil in
    there and I hope she gets through it and finds a way to live a happy and
    healthy life.

  3. Dean Wilson

    I know her kids have their own lives to lead, but did they help her at all
    in this? I understand there are situations where that isn’t possible, and
    they have their own lives and maybe she herself doesn’t want help. I’m
    just curious here and watching this didn’t exactly clear it up, but glad
    she is getting the help she needs. She seems to be strong enough to get
    out of this problem.