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The South Sumatran police have arrested an 18-year-old man suspected to have raped and murdered his former elementary school teacher in Marga Rahayu village, Banyuasin regency.

The victim, 51-year-old elementary school teacher Efriza Yuniar, was found dead in a large bucket in her home in the village on Thursday. The discovery shocked residents, who quickly reported it to the local police.

The suspect, named Ardiansyah, was arrested as he was leaving his house in the same village, Banyuasin police chief Adj. Sr. Comr. Danny Ardiantara Sianipar said.

“When we searched him, we found the victim’s mobile phones in his pocket,” he said, as reported by on Friday.

Under questioning, Ardiansyah told the police that Efriza had been his elementary school teacher and confessed that he had killed her, Danny said.

According to the police, the suspect said he had raped the victim after watching pornography on his mobile phone.

Danny claimed the preliminary investigation found that Ardiansyah had broken into the house and had waited for the victim next to a refrigerator near the bathroom where she was showering.

According to the police, he choked her as she was coming out of the bathroom and raped her in the living room. He allegedly gagged her with a cloth to prevent her from screaming for help and tied a belt and phone cord around her neck to asphyxiate her.

After the victim died, he allegedly covered her body with bedsheets and put her in a large bucket.

Danny said that Ardiansyah then left the house through the front door and locked it from the outside. He then allegedly slid the key under the door.

Based on a forensic examination by a team of doctors at Bhayangkara Hospital in Palembang, Efriza had died two days prior to the discovery of her body.

The victim’s niece, Sela, 26, said her family demanded justice for what had happened to her aunt.

“We want the perpetrator to be punished with a death sentence. My aunt was a teacher who should have been respected and not treated like this. We want justice,” she told

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