Former Teacher Arrested in Connection to Prison Drug Ring | #teacher | #children | #kids

SWEETWATER, TX – A teacher has been arrested after investigators determined she was part of a drug ring operating at the French Robertson Prison Unit near Abilene for the past two years.

According to investigators with the Special Prosecution Unit, 52-year-old Hilary Brennan is dating an unidentified inmate at the unit.

Brennan would drop off drugs in the visitation area when she would visit her significant other.

Law enforcement declined to give further details of how the drug ring operated as the case remains open, but they did confirm Brennan made multiple drops and that a “substantial amount of money” was exchanged in the process.

Last month Brennan was indicted by a Jones County Grand Jury for two felonies, possession of a controlled substance with intent to deliver, and attempted prohibited substance in a correctional facility.

Prior to being part of a drug ring, Brennan worked for years as a teacher at Sweetwater ISD and Wyndham School District. Her latest position as a teacher was at the Wallace Prison Unit in Colorado City 

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