Former teacher pleads not guilty to sex charges; trial set for February | Crime News | #College. | #Students

A former teacher from Ozark has pleaded not guilty to sex charges involving a minor.

Kimberly Sonanstine, 38, of Ozark, was charged with 30 counts of second-degree sexual abuse, two counts of traveling to meet a child for a sex act, and eight counts of second-degree sodomy during a state investigation.

In December, she pleaded not guilty to charges that she traveled to meet a child for a sex act and eight counts of second-degree sodomy following an indictment from a grand jury in circuit court. Lawyers representing Sonanstine stated in a court filing that the alleged acts in question supposedly occurred around five years ago.

A jury trial for Sonanstine, who taught biology at Wallace Community College in Dothan at the time of her arrest, has been set for Feb. 7. Sonanstine no longer teaches at the college.

The Dale County District Attorney’s Office is handling the misdemeanor sexual abuse charges separately.

Prosecutors and lawyers for Sonanstine could not immediately be reached for comment on Friday.

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