Former teacher sentenced to prison for sex with girl

Daniel J. Brown was 28 when he started a relationship with a 15-year-old Genesee County girl.
When she turned 16, that relationship turned sexual, with Brown picking her up from school and taking her to various locations for sex.
He even entered the school and watched her perform in a play, prosecutors said.
Brown, a former teacher at Genesee Country Christian School in Geneseo, continued the relationship not only in Genesee but in Ontario County, where he lived.
The relationship ended with his arrest by state police in April 2016.
Friday morning Brown was sentenced in Genesee County Court for third-degree criminal sexual act as a result of a plea deal.
First, prosecutor Kevin Finnell talked about a letter the judge had received, a letter from Brown’s mother.
“The defendant’s mother stated that this child will have nothing more than a broken heart,” Finnell said. “She considers her a willing participant.” And Brown, himself, blamed his breakup with his fiance and being “at a low point in his life” when he began seeing the victim, Finnell said.
“She is a young girl,” Finnell said. “This is not just a broken heart. This is something that will be with her forever.”
Finnell asked for the maximum sentence for Brown: Three years.
Brown in February was sentenced to a two-year determinate term in Ontario County Court, where he was convicted of third-degree rape. The deal in Genesee called for a sentence of no more than three years, to be served concurrent with the Ontario sentence.
Finnell said that by giving Brown the maximum it would add another year onto his prison term and “give him more time to think” about the effects his crime will have on the girl.
Public Defender Jerry Ader said two years was enough, adding that Brown has no previous criminal history, served his country and has taken responsibility for his actions.
Brown’s problems in life, Ader said, were not excuses but explanations, factors that should be taken into consideration when being sentenced, he told Judge Charles Zambito.
“He knew this was wrong and that he’s going to be punished,” Ader said, asking for a two-year concurrent term.
Zambito disagreed, though he did say Brown has “some things going for” him.
“But I think you are still minimizing the effects of what happened. That bothers me,” he said. “I feel bad you were hurt by someone else but it seems clear that this was all about you and getting something you wanted or needed. You used a vulnerable young girl and you have to look inside at what caused you to do that.”
Zambito sentenced Brown to three years with 10 years of post-release supervision. He also issued an order of protection for the girl.
Brown was working as a teacher at Genesee Country Christian School in Geneseo at the time of his arrest and was fired. The girl was not a part of the school.