Four Diamonds Mini-THONs Raise $5.7 Million For The Kids | #students | #parents

Four Diamonds Mini-THONs raised $5.7 million for the fight against childhood cancer, according to a release.

The grand total of $5,778,903.93 was revealed during the annual Mini-THON Leadership Summit that takes place in Hershey, Pennsylvania.

Mini-THONs operate similar to Penn State’s THON Weekend itself, just on a smaller scale. Middle and high schoolers stand for a number of hours to raise money for Four Diamonds.

During the 2021-22 school year, over 200 high schools from Pennsylvania, Delaware, Maryland, New Jersey, and Virginia contributed to the fundraising total. This year’s total more than doubled last year’s Mini-THON efforts.

Since its 1993 inception, Mini-THONs have raised over $58 million.

“We are so grateful for the remarkable young leaders whose energy, enthusiasm and unwavering dedication to conquering childhood cancer drive the Mini-THON movement,” Suzanne Graney, executive director of Four Diamonds, said. “Each student leader is inspiring and empowering their student body and their community to join us as our partners in the fight to end childhood cancer for all kids around the world.”

In February, THON announced it raised a record-breaking $13,756,374.50 For The Kids.

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